Our Revolution Arlington (ORA) is the official local chapter of the national group Our Revolution, which is working to win progressive issue fights, elect progressive champions, and get big money out of politics. We have no formal ties to any political party.

ORA is equally inspired by Bernie Sanders' accomplishments as mayor of Burlington and seeks to implement here in Arlington many of his innovative progressive policies from that time:

  • Use of worker cooperatives for democratic economic development
  • the creation of a community land trust to preserve affordable housing and home ownership opportunities for the working class
  • a publicly-owned energy utility operating 100% on renewables
  • a publicly-owned broadband network

ORA currently holds general meetings the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at Summer's Restaurant in Courthouse


  • Tim Dempsey
  • Arthur Fournie
  • Dan Gajewski
  • Joseph Young
  • Dan Shuhler


Committee on Building a Cooperative Economy in Arlington:

  • Jeff Elkner
  • Tim Dempsey
  • Detta Kissel

Committee on Divestment and Public Banking:

  • Tim Dempsey
  • Roshan Abraham

Committee on Democratic Housing Solutions:

  • Tim Dempsey
  • Roshan Abraham

Committee on Education:

  • Alison Acker

Committee on Climate Justice and Energy Democracy:

  • Dan Atkins
  • Tim Dempsey