I'll get the conversation started by laying everything on the table.

This is a single-issue coalition, so joining it doesn't oblige us to any other position or connects us with any other issue than voting down the $23million Arlington subsidy.

Obviously, the big, glaring issue is that two of the members of the coalition are Americans for Prosperity and the Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition. Generally, those of us on the left find nothing in common with those groups and don't want to have anything to do with or be associated with Republicans and others of the right (every now and then the libertarians comes to a similar conclusion as the left, though often for different reasons).

We're definitely starting to get momentum and recognition in Arlington. Would we be undermining ourselves by joining this coalition? That's definitely Possibly- it would be an easy way for people to write us off as "those people who worked with the Republicans." That's a risk in a single-party town like Arlington. Do we gamble our momentum and recognition to join this coalition?

On the other hand, should we worry about the opinions of people who focus on party names more than issues? Our issues work has been very clearly leftist and anyone who writes us off because we were in a coalition with Republicans is not acting honestly (or doesn't care enough to actually look at our issues). Also, the stance of the coalition is in fact the same stance as that of ORA and the For Us, Not Amazon coalition (of which we are a founding member). We talk a lot about being non-partisan. How far does our non-partisanship extend? Is it limited to the left-side of the political spectrum (i.e. from centrist democrats to socialists, etc..)?

That seems to be the big issues we are faced with - what do you think? are there other issues that this brings that I haven't mentioned?